Ann Health Beauty Privacy Policy


Basically, we will use the personal information you supply to us in the course of submitting an order for the purpose of completing that order. While placing an order you may have sent an enquiry to us, thereby we will use the information you have provided to respond to and answer the question.

In addition, we may contact you by telephone, email or by text message i.e. to notify you of the delivery status, updating you on product availability or any changes pertaining to your order. Which, however, you cannot in anyway, opt out of these communications. We can assure you that we will never combine these communications with the marketing promotions, in which you have a legitimate right to opt out from.

Furthermore, we may use your information for marketing purposes; however, it will always provide a means for you to decline from it. Also, we may occasionally use the data you supplied, in our own legal interest, to send details of products and services that we think may be of important/interest to you. We will never, by any means use your data in a way that conflicts with your own legitimate rights and interest.

Nevertheless, if we share information with the third party, such like a payment gateway or any delivery office, their use of your data will be limited to the purpose of fulfilling your order.

Thereafter, your purchase, we use a third party, customer feedback service to send you an email and a request for your feedback, you can choose to opt out. The feedback is held on the customer feedback services on both party webpage. We will make our sensible endeavours to ensure that all third parties treat your personal information in a lawful means.


The information normally comprises of: name, address, email, delivery instructions, product and transaction details and some other data to ensure the effective completion of your order.

However, we will not seek personal information from you, which are connecting to your personal life such like sexual orientation, political belief, race, health issues etc.

Our communication with you, can be kept through various channels like phone calls, emails, text message etc.



We will collect the personal data you feed to us during the submission of an order or an enquiry, for the cause of completing that order, responding to or taking on that enquiry.

Your data will be safety retained on hardware that has limited access to only people that are appropriate to the data, and a server preserved by a third party such as a web host.

If detained by us on our hardware, or on our behalf by a third party, it will be kept safe and secured from unauthorised admission using all rational sources.

If you book an order, we will store an electronic copy of your invoice data for the time that is needed by HMRC, after that processes it will then be deleted.


If requested, we will give information about you and if it is relevant to your business and to the legal authorities that will legally be able to have the right to demand for this data.


At times we could possibly use personal data for computerised decision making, we might send you emails notifications or other forms of communication that are linked to you and based on your purchasing history.

Some advertisers, particularly LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, there are also other social media’s that are used by us and chosen by advertisements to show to people based on automated processing of personal data, in order to allow those advertisements to be as relevant as possible to the people who view them. These advertisers should deliver the means for you to opt out of such personalisation.


You as the customer have a right to see the data detained about you and to obtain a copy of the data. You also have the right to have any errors seen be amended. You have the right to enquire and be told where your data has come   from. You can use any of these rights by contacting us using the details below.

If are you are involved with us, but have never placed an order with us, you may applicate a complete deletion of your details from our software. Whether or not you have placed an order, you may enquire for us to never contact you again and we will fulfil your request unless you make a future enquiry with us.

You have several rights in addition to those mentioned above, involving access to the information. If we have verified your data for marketing purposes based on your legitimate interest, you have the right to go against it. You also have the right to remove your consent to being marketed, if you formerly gave your consent.

You can use any of these rights by getting in contact with us using our ContactUs form.


Our legitimate interest is to offer marketing information to people who have given their curiosity in our products. We also have a legitimate interest in finding other, similar people and we might use your email address or phone number to look for new people without any unfavourable impact on you and our advertising suppliers likewise have a legitimate interest in exhibiting the most relevant ads.

In this instance of payment processors, the entire banking infrastructure lies behind them, and they permit data to the relevant card issuer and acquirer, to visa, MasterCard, PayPal and other relevant schemes. The third-party processors that we use are large accountable companies and we are sure they have suitable technical measures in place to secure your data safely.

Many of them use sub-processors themselves for example cloud services like EBay and Amazon Web Services to help make their own services work smoothly.

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